Greetings! I write fantasy fiction of many shades (urban fantasy, high fantasy, historical fantasy) but have been known to dabble in other spec fic genres (science fiction, horror) and dip my toe in cross-genre work. The current novel-project is a high fantasy buddy cop story with blood-magic, memory-trading dragons, and serial killers. My short fiction tends to fluctuate, but lately, there’s been a lot of dead people—ghosts, zombies, vampires, and the like. I have a soft spot for dragons and immortals of any kind.

Current New Thing(s):


Things vanish in the Wildermere. The usual, expected things—livestock, the occasional person—but also the less conventional.

The less tangible.

You walk to the border between this world and that, stand in the tangled underbrush, and peer between the gap in the ancient redwood trees. And something is snatched away, leaving only the faintest shadow of a memory and that nagging sense that you’ve left behind something important…

Arsenika, Issue 6 (Spring 2020)



I thumb-printed my signature and held the screen pad up for the retina scan. It pinged with a signature complete and I handed it back to the tech, a young man with the gawky air of a teenager, not a grim, stoic GACAC contact technician.
He tapped at the screen, then tucked it away in the holster hanging from the belt of his navy-blue facility uniform.
The other tech, a woman about ten years older than me, asked, “You’ve gone over the dossier and handbook we sent you?”
Of course I hadfour times over to make sure I hadn’t missed some detail that would get my negotiation suspended, rescheduled, or, possibly, even terminated, and I could wave a sad farewell to my chance at a once-in-a-lifetime career-making bargain. But I just nodded.
“Good. Don’t touch him and don’t let him touch you…”
— “Curiosity”
Beyond the Stars: Rocking Space, pg. 174

Current Projects: 

The high fantasy buddy-cop drama is now both in the hands of betas and has the (tentative) title of Dead God’s Bones. Still hefty at 180k (I didn’t cut as much as I’d hoped with my own edits, though perhaps with beta feedback, I’ll have a better idea of where to cut down).

Querying the previous novel, In Blood, a very noir-ish urban fantasy set in Chicago with blood-drinking, marrow-eating immortal draugr, shapeshifting werewolf-esque people, secret societies, humans with sucky superpowers, assassination plots, and political backstabbery.

Conventions Scheduled: 

  • None for the rest of this year due to Covid-19, unless it’s online.