Phyl and Lou

So I decided to do some minor revisions to the beginning of the book I’m currently querying and in doing so, I was suddenly possessed by my illustration muse, so doodled two of the characters from the book.

Both Phyl (the woman on the right) and Lou (the guy on the left) are the bodyguards of my draugr mob boss character, Jehan, and I’ve never actually drawn either of them. Not a proper illustration, just some little doodles here and there. So *hand wave* ta-da!

Phyl and Lou sm

Phyllis and Lou sitting on a concrete barrier. And with their human-faces; I tried a version with their scary draugr-faces, but as line art, it came out looking bizarre, so switched back. I’m starting to think the draugr-faces really only work when in color.

Phyl gets introduced in the first chapter; Lou gets stage time a little farther on. Phyl’s so much fun, perhaps partially because I’m just tickled by the idea of a bad-ass assassin/bodyguard named Phyllis (I mean, she is a hundred and twenty or so; period names and all that).

She’s infuriatingly chipper; he’s more taciturn. She likes little fast cars; he prefers large sedans or SUVs. She’s prone to brute-forcing things into submission; he goes tactical and has contingencies for contingencies. She has memory issues (due to a brain injury from before she was made a draugr); he forgets nothing, especially not favors owed or grudges. They’ve been working together as bodyguards for, eeeeeh, eighty years, give or take. Their dynamic is just so damn interesting (and enjoyable) to write.

One day, I might do a spin-off focusing on just them, since they’re both secondary, non-viewpoint characters and though they have lives outside of the main plot, said lives only get mentions here and there. True, I’d need something for them to do, seeing that a lot of their daily job is following Jehan around and looking menacing.

In other news, no bites for the query. I realize I’m setting myself up for failure by querying a 140,000 word urban fantasy but… *sigh* I just love reading (and, therefore, writing) big books so much.

The new revamped query will be going out for the next batch of ten. It’s much, much shorter and I’m hoping that the conciseness of the query might allay concerns about the word count. It might backfire on me and leave agents questioning why such a short query has such a long book. But we shall see.

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