2019 Year in Review/2020 Writerly Resolutions

2019 Year in Review:

  • Graduated with my MFA from Stonecoast
  • Got a fancy bound thesis for my trouble
  • 64 short story submissions
  • 3 acceptances
  • 2 published stories
  • Finished writing that monster of a book
  • And a third of the way through edits on the monster
  • 40-ish queries submitted for In Blood (the stats are skewing weird on Querytracker, and I foolishly didn’t keep a submission date list)
  • Attended ICFA and presented an academic paper
  • Was on panels as a panelist at a convention for the first time! (Windycon)
  • Also sold books at a convention for the first time! And made back my investment for the table! (also Windycon)
  • Volunteered at GenCon
  • Read a lot of books!
  • Started a blog, which I’ve managed to continue updating on a regular basis for nearly a year
  • Did less painting than I did in 2018, but I’ve managed a few (thesis semester ate my art-time, and after that, I was powering through to the end of the novel)

2020 Resolutions:

  • Submit at least 40 stories to magazines/anthologies/markets
  • Though if I can reach 2019’s stretch-goal of 60, I’ll be very pleased
  • Send out another 20 queries for In Blood before letting it rest awhile
  • Finish the first-pass edits of the current novel by the end of January…
  • …in order to get it ready for beta-reads…
  • …and thus, Find beta readers!
  • And, depending on how the beta-reads go, start/finish the second-pass edits…
  • …In preparation for assembling the new novel’s submission packet
  • Start researching agents for the new novel
  • Write at least five new short stories
  • Start brainstorming/initial drafting/plotting of the next book!
  • Get back into painting. I miss it.

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