October Doodles

We got a new scanning/fax station at work, and since I was helping coordinate the installation, I got to test-drive the new equipment. Behold! The fruits of my scanning labors! Since I don’t have a scanner at home anymore, I hadn’t been able to digitize these sketches yet. None of these are story-related or anything. Just for fun.

dragon doodle

Dragon because dragon! They’re my go-to for doodling.

doodle steampunk fae

Steampunk fae-dude with goggle-mask and knives. Can you tell I recently binge-watched Carnival Row? (Also, no ref for this, so the anatomy is all wonky.)


And a six-legged squirrel/sloth/armadillo critter. It’s hard to see, since it has almost all of its paws on that scaly tree trunk, but the paws have two forward-facing claw-tipped digits and two rear-facing, so it has a grip a little like a chameleon. Or one of those grabber claws from the claw machines.

That’s all the doodles for now!